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Every tool published on this page is able to run on any Windows system (> 3.11), if there is no contradiction mentioned.
The language codes "de" and "en" specify which languages are supported. If one of them is in parentheses, only the documentation exists in this language, not the program. The "source" column contains the license under which the source of the program is published, or "-" for closed source programs.

Title Description LanguageSource
VideLibri An app to manage books borrowed from libraries and access other library catalog functionsdeGPL
Xidel A command line XPath/XQuery/JSONiq interpreter to process HTML/XML/JSON from webpages or locallyenGPL
TeXstudio A LaTeX editorde, en, ...GPL
API Manager A program which can read and write properties of other, enGPL
Sun Simulator This program changes the brightness and color of the monitor according to the time and datede, en-
JAXMLP Just another XML Processor language.(de), enGPL
Simplify­Diff Simplify­Diff remove all unnecessary lines from a diff file, e.g. modified white space or duplicates.enGPL
Regexgen An inverse regex matcher that generates all strings which match a given regular expression enopen
BBMultiPlot Plotter rendering multi­variate functions with their symbolic derivative de, (en)open
Chiffren­Decoder Decoder for trivial ciphersde-
AFX-Math This allows calculations with long integers on the Algebra FX2+ calculator (de), (en)open
Logics A simulator of (the logic side of) gate circuits.(de), enGPL
File­Parser A simple parser which replaces keywords in some files.(de), enGPL
GUITools A plugin for the GST-Builder which contains the most important functions of my WDL, en-
MatheFix A mathematics program about divisible and prime numbersde-
TVB A small paint program which displays images tiledde-
WDLSSG (Deprecated) WDL editor for the 3D-GameStudiode-


2006 - 2021*

VideLibri is an app to manage books borrowed in various libraries. For example it can show multiple library accounts simultanously, show a history of all ever lent books, warn of due dates, and renew everything automatically before the due date. All other OPAC-functions like searching for books are also supported.

To facilitate the usage of VideLibri with every existing library it is designed around a framework for automatic webpage querying. Thereby samples of the queried webpages (i.e. of the library OPAC) are annotated to mark the interesting parts and can directly be used to query those parts without requiring any programming. Since this is also useful for non-library webpages there is a command line version of VideLibri without any library functionality and a (non-book) library variant for Pascal.

VideLibri is platform-independent and has been tested on Windows, Linux and Android, as well as with 200 libraries. However, it is still only available in German.

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(2008 - ) 2012 - 2021*

Xidel is a command line tool to query web pages. It replaces downloaders like wget or curl, text processors/parsers like grep, sed, xpath, xmlstarlet or jq, and the calling interpreters like bash or python.

The core of Xidel is a standard-conformant interpreter of XQuery 3.0, a Turing-complete programming language inspired by XPath and SQL. The type system of XQuery integrates XML (XML Schema, extended to HTML and JSON), so that elements can be directly accessed and manipulated, and you do not need any wrapper classes like DOM. Xidel has various extensions, e.g.: JSONiq or the HTML-pattern-matching developed for VideLibri, where samples of the queried web pages can be used like regular expressions. Another purpose of XQuery is creating markup, e.g. this webpage is created by Xidel.

Xidel is hosted on its own page.

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2009 - 2021*
An editor based on Texmaker which I made to write a book in LaTeX. It has become surprisingly popular and is hosted on to top

 API Manager

2002, 2008
APIM is like Spyxx and EDA a program which can read and set attributes of other windows, but in comparison to them APIM has much more features for changing properties.
The source is GPLed.
APIM has got these functions:
  • It can list all top level windows or processes.
  • You can select windows with the mouse and on a mini-screen.
  • It can enable and disable windows.
  • It can hide and show windows.
  • It can set the windows on "stay on top".
  • It can restore, maximize and minimize windows.
  • It can read and write the window text (even from password edits), the parent window, the (extended) window styles and class styles of windows.
  • It can read the class name of a window.
  • It can read the owner, process and thread of a window.
  • It can read and write the position and size of a window.
  • It can close and destroy windows.
  • It can send messages to windows.
  • It can close processes.
  • It can get and set the priority of processes.
  • It can read and write some properties of the system.
  • It can read passwords (only on 9x systems) (Attention: This causes some scanners to identify it as spyware).
  • It can read and set the status of the transparent effects of windows (only on 2000/XP/(Vista?)).
  • and more
screenshot: list of top level windowsscreenshot: list of processes

Source on GitHub

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 Sun Simulator

In a natural environment (outdoors) the light changes it shade of color during the day and controls biological processes (e.g. the sense of time). However, the computer monitor always has the same shade of color and thus disturbs the biorhythms.
Sun-Simulator solves this problem by altering the settings of the graphic card with the course of day and year, so that the monitor becomes more similar to the sun light.
  • Default settings matches the sun light approximately
  • Simple graphical control of the color settings
  • Time-depending options for gamma, brighness and contrast
  • Respects time of the day and of the year
  • Independent values for red, green and blue
  • Test image, mapping graph and user-defined color profiles
screenshot: screenshot:

Source on GitHub

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2007 - 2010
"Just another XML Processor" is a script language with interpreter. Its purpose is the simple processing of XML files and the transforming to other formats.
You only need Java JRE 1.5 to run the program.
  • You can load multiple XML files.
  • You can write the data of a single XML to multiple files and in different encodings.
  • Like in php, the commands can be included in other files.
  • Unchanged files are ignored.
  • You can use (even recursive) functions.
  • The accessing of XML elements is really simple.
  • You can call additional programs

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This tool is useful if you often receive unified diffs which consists mostly of changed whitespace
  • It reads the diff file from stdin and prints its result to stdout.
  • Finds lines that are identical but stored as modified, even if they are separated by other lines
  • Removes identical lines, unmodified chunks and empty files.
  • Removes modified whitespace like spaces or tabs
  • Works with unified diffs of one/more files and writes valid diffs
  • Only looks at the diff file itself and therefore works even if lines marked as identical are different to the original (in contrast to tools like TortoiseMerge)

Source on GitHub

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Download Linux   (191 KB)

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This is an inverse regex matcher that generates all strings which match a given regular expression. It supports all major expressions (e.g. "([abc]{2,3}|x+)\1").
It runs in two steps: First it splits the regex to a set of equivalent regexs that only use character classes and match strings of fixed size. Then it lists all possible ways to choose characters from the sets. This last step is heavily optimized, so it can generate several million strings per second. However, it has no real unicode support, since unicode characters have no fixed length.
It is a C++ command line program, runs on Linux (binary is for 64 bit only) and Windows, but requires Qt.

Source on GitHub

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2006 - 2012
BBMultiPlot can plot arbitrary mathematical functions and calculate their symbolic derivative. It can plot multivariate functions, by plotting the function for each possible value of the unknown variables within a certain range with different gradient colors.
It supports the usual arithmetic operations, +,-,*,/,^,|, and the sin, cos, tan, exp, ln, sqrt, abs, sign, int (= floor), asin, acos und atan functions. It's expression parsing is quite flexible, so you can write "4*x" as "4x", and omit trailing/leading brackets like in "x)+(7".
Sadly, I did not use a VCS while writing it, and kind of damaged the source while trying to port it from Windows/Delphi to Linux/Lazarus. The source archive below, is probably newer than the binary and has more features, but also more bugs.
screenshot: x^2*a + sin(x)^2 * 10 in WINE

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2009 - 2010
This program can decode trivial transpositions ciphers (like anagrams) and monoalphabetic ciphers (like caesar), without knowing the key.
It does not use statistics to find a most likely plain text, but enumerates all possible texts. This has the disadvantage of finding many thousands texts on small inputs, and being too slow to find anything on large inputs. On the other hand you can be sure to not have missed anything.

The download contains word lists for German and English, and executables for Windows and Linux 32/64 bit. The GUI is on German, but the meaning should be obvious (Länge = length, Wort = word, ...).

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You can use this program for addition, subtraction and multiplication of long integers on the Casio Algebra FX 2.0 Plus calculator. (Perhaps it also works on older models)

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2002 - 2003
This program displays a logical model of a gate circuit by representing each gate as a circle.
It understands all important logical functions (or, and, xor, nand, nor, not).
Each gate (except "not") can have an unlimited count of input and output connections, and it changes its color depending on the output value which is either true (=green) or false (=white).
In addition to the program there are two example circuits, a flip-flop memory and a 5-bit addition circuit.
The GPL-licensed source (23 KB) is a Delphi project

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This is a relative simple file parser which can replace keywords in files and then save the files with another name.
It has these features:
  • You can select any keywords.
  • You can replace them case sensitive or case insensitive.
  • It only parses files which have been changed.
  • It can write the time of the last change into the parsed files.
  • It can also replace the keywords through the content of files.
  • These options are saved in an ini file.
The parser doesn't have so much functions like others, for example like GNU Make, but because of this you can understand it without reading hundreds of pages.
However, the parser is not flexible, e.g. every transformation of one file creates the same result. Therefore I hava programmed JAXMLP, which is much more flexible, since it is a real programming language.
The source (17 KB) is a typical Delphi Project.

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With the GUITools you can create WYSIWYG text, panel und view objects of the 3D Game Studio.
They are originally written for 3DGS 4 and 5, but there are almost no changes in the GUI parts of it, so they work in 3DGS 6.
Because it is a plugin, you need the GST-Builder 2.4.103 and the GSTHelper plugin 1.2.0, to use them.
They are like the GST-Builder bilingual and have a German and a English version.
screenshot: Vieweditorscreenshot: Paneleditor

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MatheFix is mathematics program with these features:
  • calculate all divisors of a number
  • calculate the smallest common multiple
  • Prime factorization
  • calculate the greatest common divisor
  • Prime search in a given range

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TVB is a simple paint program with these functions:
  • Images are displayed tiled.
  • An Image can saved as bmp, or copied into or pasted from the clipboard.
  • It has these drawfunctions: drawing lines, copying parts, filling out, random color circles, crazy lines, dimming und lighting up.
  • It has different pen sizes.

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2001 - 2002
WDLSSG is a old editor for the script language of the 3D Game Studio.
It only supports 3DGS 4 and 5, and has no functions for 3DGS 6.
These are the most important features:
  • It has syntax highlighting
  • You can change the color of all backgrounds and captions.
  • WDL commands can be copied from sorted directories into the script.
  • Help for WDL commands
  • The command lists can be changed
  • Visual editors for text, panel and view objects (which later became the GUITools).
  • It has a Code Explorer

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