All Types

Name Unit Description
pbool TreeListView


TCompareTreeListItemsEvent TreeListView


TCustomBackgroundDrawEvent TreeListView


TCustomDrawEventTyp TreeListView


TCustomItemDrawEvent TreeListView


TCustomRecordItemDrawEvent TreeListView


TCustomRecordItemPositioningEvent TreeListView


TExpandItemEvent TreeListView


TExpandMode TreeListView


TFindState findControl


TItemEvent TreeListView


TLineMode TreeListView


TListEvent TreeListView


TListEventTyp TreeListView


TRealItemCounting TreeListView

This specifies if invisible/collapsed items are counted

TRecordItemEvent TreeListView


TSearchBarSubControl findControl


TSearchBarSubControls findControl


TSearchEvent findControl

This event is called when something should be searched

TTreeListItemCompare TreeListView

This is a typical compare function

TTreeListViewOption TreeListView

General appearance/behaviour options

TTreeListViewOptions TreeListView

The list can be scrolled by dragging an item up and down (like standard Android lists)

TUserSortItemsEvent TreeListView


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