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Name Unit Description
EHAMTException hamt.internals


THAMTBitmap hamt.internals


THAMTItemHelper hamt.internals


THAMTNode hamt.internals

Low-level HAMT from which further collections are built

THAMTNode.THAMTArray hamt.internals


THAMTNode.THAMTEnumerator hamt.internals


THAMTPairInfo hamt.maps


THAMTPairInfo.TPair hamt.maps


THAMTTaggedPointer hamt.internals


THAMTTypeInfo hamt.internals

Default hash function and reference counting for strings/objects

TImmutableMap hamt.maps

Generic immutable map

TImmutableSet hamt.sets

Generic immutable set

TMutableMap hamt.maps

Generic mutable map

TMutableSet hamt.sets

Generic mutable set

TReadOnlyCustomSet hamt.internals

Generic low-level read-only set

TReadOnlyMap hamt.maps

Generic read-only map

TReadOnlySet hamt.sets

Generic read-only set

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