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You can find components for Delphi and Lazarus on this page. Everyone of them is open source. All sources published under GPL-, MPL-, or BSD-License you can change and distribute in any way you want.
But in case of MPL, GPL or CC you must publish changes and you mustn't change the license. In case of GPL you must also publish extensions and the source of every program (from you) using it under the terms of the GPL.
You can find more and legally valid information in the source files.
The components here are sorted according to quality and age.

Titel Beschreibung Sprache Lizenz
TTreeListView A combination of TListView and TTreeView drawing tree and column items. Lazarus, Delphi GPL
TSearchBar A typical search bar with next/previous/highlight-buttons. Lazarus, Delphi GPL
Custom Controls A set of completely owner drawn components. Delphi BSD
TBeniGrad A component which creates a color gradient on the formular. Delphi MPL, GPL
TBeniGradGauge A gauge combined with a color gradient. Delphi MPL, GPL
TZahlBox An edit box for numbers. Delphi BSD


This component is a mix between TTreeView and TListView and can paint a tree whose nodes have additional information sorted in columns.
It has these features:
  • It can show a tree together with columns
  • The lines can be drawn striped, so lines alternate their background color.
  • It can paint dividing lines between rows and columns.
  • Each node can get an icon and the user can collapse and expand it.
  • The lines can automatically be sorted
  • The entries of the columns can be left aligned, right aligned or centered
  • The user can move the columns without a change of the indices(only in Lazarus)
  • Contains a Mozilla like search bar
  • It is indepent of the Windows Common Controls
  • It should work on every OS supported by Lazarus (only Debian and Windows tested)
  • Works with Delphi (tested with D4 and in an old version also BDS2006) and Lazarus
  • There is an example and html documentation
  • There is a design time package for Delphi and for Lazarus.
screenshot:TreeListView Delphi Win-98 screenshot:TreeListView Lazarus GTK2 screenshot:TreeListView von VideLibri unter Lazarus Win-98

Online Documentation

Source on GitHub

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This SearchBar is similar to those used by Mozilla. It is automatically placed on the bottom of the parenting form where the user can insert it search text (with incremental search). Also there are forward/back/highlight buttons which can be hidden if you don't need them, as well as a combobox which can be used to select a search scope.
Of course you have to implement the actual search yourself, but this control make that much easier, because it maps all user interactions to a single event, so you can't forget a possible interaction. (There are a lot of search bars around where the people forgot to handle things like escape or shift+enter...). Above you can see a part of this search bar in the TTreeListView-class.

Online Documentation

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 Custom Controls

These components consists of a new button, edit, scrollbar, panel and a global manager component. The manager class is used to control the visual appearance (=colors) of the actual controls. The appearance and behavior of them is fully written in Delphi and doesn't depend on Windows, but it tries to mimic the natives controls. Notice that the property names are in German.

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This component creates a horizontal color gradient between (maximal) 20 colors.

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This component creates a color gradient like TBeniGrad, but it draws only a part of it, and the remnant is filled out with a single color, so it can be used as a gauge.

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This component is an edit box where you can only input numbers. It also monitors the clipboard and other possibilitys for input.
It has a property over which you can control if it accepts negative or float numbers.

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