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Name Unit Description
BigDecimal bigdecimalmath

Big Decimal type

BigDecimal bigdecimalmath_template

Big Decimal type

EAndroidInterfaceException bbjniutils


EDateTimeParsingException bbutils


EDecodeHTMLEntitiesException bbutils


EHTMLParseException extendedhtmlparser


EHTMLParseMatchingException extendedhtmlparser


EInternetException internetaccess


ETemplateParseException extendedhtmlparser


ETemplateReader multipagetemplate


ETreeParseException simplehtmltreeparser


EXQEvaluationException xquery


EXQException xquery

General XQuery exception, with an namespace, errorCode and message

EXQParsingException xquery

Exception raised during the parsing of an expression

float xquery


INamespace simplehtmltreeparser

Namespace interface, storing url and prefix. (Interface, so it is ref-counted)

Int65 int65math


IXQuery xquery

Interface for an XPath/XQuery query.

IXQValue xquery

Variant used in XQuery-expressions

TAndroidInternetAccess androidinternetaccess

Internet access class using the Apache HttpComponents on Android.

TAttributeEnumerator simplehtmltreeparser


TAttributeList simplehtmltreeparser

A list of attributes.

TAutoUpdater autoupdate

auto update class

TCookieManager internetaccess


TDecodedUrl internetaccess

A record storing a decoded url.

THTMLProperty simplehtmlparser


THtmlTemplateParser extendedhtmlparser

This is the template processor class which can apply a template to one or more html documents.

THTTPSendWithFakeStream synapseinternetaccess


TInternetAccess internetaccess

Abstract base class for connections

TInternetAccessDataBlock internetaccess


TInternetConfig internetaccess


TJavaEnv bbjniutils


TJSONiqAdditionSchema xquery


TJSONiqOverrideSchema xquery


TMIMEMultipartData internetaccess

encodes the data corresponding to RFC 1341 (preliminary)

TMIMEMultipartSubData internetaccess


TMockInternetAccess mockinternetaccess

This class simulates an internet access, e.g. for unit tests

TMultiPageTemplate multipagetemplate

A multi page template, which defines which and how pages are processed.

TMultipageTemplateReader multipagetemplate

Class to process a multi page template

TNamespace simplehtmltreeparser

Class implementing the INamespace interface

TNamespaceList simplehtmltreeparser

List of namespaces

TProgressBarDialog progressdialog


TProperty simplexmlparser


TSynapseInternetAccess synapseinternetaccess

Internet access class using the Synapse library

TSynapseSplitStream synapseinternetaccess


TTemplateAction multipagetemplate

Internal used base class for an action within the multi page template

TTemplateActionMeta multipagetemplate


TTreeAttribute simplehtmltreeparser


TTreeDocument simplehtmltreeparser


TTreeNode simplehtmltreeparser

This class representates an element of the html file

TTreeParser simplehtmltreeparser

This parses a html/sgml/xml file to a tree like structure.

TTreeParserDOM simplexmltreeparserfpdom

This class provides wrapper methods around the standard fpc DOM functions, to convert the TDOMDocument class created by fpc to the TTreeDocument class used by the XQuery engine. *

TTreeParserDOMBase simplexmltreeparserfpdom

Base class for TTreeParserDOM *

TW32InternetAccess w32internetaccess

Internet access class using the wininet library

TXQAbstractFunctionInfo xquery


TXQAbstractParsingContext xquery


TXQAnnotation xquery


TXQBasicFunctionInfo xquery

Information about a basic xquery function (basic => function is pure/independent of current context)

TXQCollation xquery

Class to perform string comparisons, so they different comparison rules can be used in different languages

TXQCollationCodepoint xquery


TXQCollationCodepointClever xquery


TXQCollationCodepointInsensitive xquery


TXQCollationCodepointInsensitiveClever xquery


TXQCollationCodepointLocalized xquery


TXQCollationCodepointLocalizedInsensitive xquery


TXQComplexFunctionInfo xquery

Information about a complex xquery function (complex => function dependents of current context)

TXQDecimalFormat xquery


TXQDecimalFormatPropertyData xquery


TXQEQName xquery


TXQEQNameUnresolved xquery__parse


TXQEQNameWithPrefix xquery


TXQEvaluationContext xquery

evaluation context, internal used

TXQEvaluationStack xquery


TXQFunctionParameter xquery


TXQFunctionParameterTypes xquery


TXQHashmapStr simplehtmltreeparser


TXQHashmapStrOwning simplehtmltreeparser


TXQInterpretedFunctionInfo xquery

Information about a complex xquery function (interpreted => the function is defined as XQuery function)

TXQMapStringObject xquery


TXQNativeModule xquery

A native XQuery module. Each native module has a certain namespace and declares functions, types and operators *

TXQOperatorInfo xquery


TXQParsingContext xquery__parse


TXQParsingOptions xquery

Record grouping different parsing options

TXQPathMatchingStep xquery

Step of a query in a tree

TXQPathMatchingStepFilter xquery


TXQPathNodeCondition xquery

Record mapping

TXQProperty xquery


TXQPropertyEnumeratorInternal xquery


TXQStaticContext xquery

Static context containing values read during parsing and not changed during evaluation. Mostly corresponds to the "static context" in the XQuery spec

TXQTerm xquery

Internally used xpath term

TXQTermBinaryOp xquery


TXQTermConstant xquery


TXQTermConstructor xquery


TXQTermConstructorComputed xquery


TXQTermContextItem xquery


TXQTermDefineFunction xquery


TXQTermDefineVariable xquery


TXQTermDynamicFunctionCall xquery


TXQTermEQNameToken xquery


TXQTermFilterSequence xquery


TXQTermFlower xquery


TXQTermFlowerCount xquery


TXQTermFlowerFor xquery


TXQTermFlowerForPattern xquery


TXQTermFlowerGroup xquery


TXQTermFlowerLet xquery


TXQTermFlowerLetPattern xquery


TXQTermFlowerOrder xquery


TXQTermFlowerSubClause xquery


TXQTermFlowerWhere xquery


TXQTermFlowerWindow xquery


TXQTermFlowerWindowVarsAndCondition xquery


TXQTermIf xquery


TXQTermJSONArray xquery


TXQTermJSONObjectConstructor xquery


TXQTermModule xquery


TXQTermNamedFunction xquery


TXQTermNamedFunctionTypeConstructor xquery


TXQTermNodeMatcher xquery


TXQTermPath xquery


TXQTermPatternMatcher xquery


TXQTermPendingEQNameToken xquery__parse


TXQTermPendingPatternMatcher xquery__parse


TXQTermPlaceholderVariable xquery


TXQTermReadObjectProperty xquery


TXQTermSequence xquery


TXQTermSequenceType xquery


TXQTermSimpleMap xquery


TXQTermSomeEvery xquery


TXQTermSwitch xquery


TXQTermTryCatch xquery


TXQTermTypeSwitch xquery


TXQTermTypeSwitch.TXQTermTypeSwitchClause xquery


TXQTermVariable xquery


TXQTermVariableGlobal xquery


TXQTermVariableGlobalImported xquery


TXQTermWithChildren xquery


TXQTermWithChildrenOnStack xquery


TXQTerm_Visitor xquery


TXQTerm_VisitorFindWeirdGlobalVariableDeclarations extendedhtmlparser


TXQTerm_VisitorTrackKnownVariables xquery


TXQuery xquery

An XPath/XQuery query. See IXQuery

TXQueryEngine xquery

This is the XPath/XQuery-engine

TXQValue xquery

Base class for XQuery-variants types, implementing the IXQValue interface. All other type classes are derived from it. (it correspondes to xs:anyType)

See IXQValue for an actual description

TXQValueBoolean xquery

boolean value

TXQValueDateTime xquery

Datetime value

TXQValueDateTimeData xquery

Record to store a datetime splitted in years/months/days/hours/minutes/secondes/secondfractions+timezone (because TDateTime is not sufficient to distinguish 1a vs. 12m for durations)

TXQValueDecimal xquery

BigDecimal value (almost unlimited decimal floating number a*10ˆb for a,b \in \mathbb{Z})

TXQValueEnumerator xquery

Iterator over an IXQValue.

TXQValueEnumeratorPtrUnsafe xquery

Iterator over PIXQValue.

TXQValueFloat xquery

Double float value

TXQValueFunction xquery

A function. Anonymous or a named reference. Also used to store type information

TXQValueInt64 xquery

int64 value (for larger integers use TXQValueDecimal)

TXQValueJSONArray xquery

Experimental type for a JSON array of other IXQValue

TXQValueJSONIQItem xquery

Type corresponding to jsoniq json-item()

TXQValueJSONIQStructuredItem xquery

Type for jsoniq structured-item()

TXQValueJSONNull xquery

null in JSON

TXQValueNode xquery

Type for a node

TXQValueObject xquery

(Experimental) object type. Every object obj has properties obj.something which are arbitrary TXQValue-s and a prototype from which it inherits all properties.
The objects can be used mutable and immutable. If used immutable, they still appear mutable, but every change creates a new object that is linked to the previous objects (i.e. has the old object as prototype).
(Having the objects immutable, is necessary for the template matcher, so that it can correctly rollback all changes)

TXQValuePropertyEnumerator xquery


TXQValueQName xquery

QName value (namespace + local part)

TXQValueSequence xquery

Type for a sequence containing an arbitrary number (>= 0) of other IXQValue

TXQValueString xquery

string value

TXQValueUndefined xquery

undefined/empty sequence

TXQValue_DatePart xquery

(Abstract) Class containing different parts of a date

TXQVariable xquery

A XQuery variable

TXQVariableChangeLog xquery

XQuery variable storage

TXQVCustomList xquery

List of TXQValue-s

TXQVList xquery

List of TXQValue-s

TXSAnnotation xquery


TXSBooleanType xquery

XML Schema boolean type, derived from xs:boolean

TXSConstrainingFacet xquery


TXSConstrainingFacetObject xquery


TXSConstrainingFacetOrdinal xquery


TXSConstrainingFacetValue xquery


TXSDateTimeType xquery

XML Schema date time or duration type (also gDay, etc. types).
Might be splitted in later versions

TXSListType xquery

XML Schema list type

TXSNumericType xquery

XML Schema numeric type, derived from xs:decimal, xs:float or xs:double.

TXSQNameType xquery

XML Schema QName type, derived from xs:QName or xs:NOTATION

TXSSchema xquery

XML Schema

TXSSimpleType xquery

Simple XML Schema type

TXSStringType xquery


TXSType xquery

General XML schema type

TXSUnionType xquery

XML Schema union type

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