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Name Unit Description
TClipValues diagram  
TDiagramEditAction diagram  
TDiagramEditActions diagram  
TDiagramFillStyle diagram  
TDiagramPointMovement diagram  
TFillGradientFlags diagram controls the color gradient for filling. Notice that fgGradientY is much slower since it switch to single pixel drawing (but fgGradientX makes no difference)
TLineStyle diagram lsDefault=lsNone in drawer setting, otherwise (in model settings) it means "use drawer setting" lsNone=no lines, lsLinear=the points are connected with straight lines lsCubicSpline=the points are connected with a normal cubic spline (needing O(n) additional memory) lsLocalCubicSpline=the points are connected with a pseudo cubic spline (needing no additional memory, but looks not so nicely)
TModelFlag diagram  
TModelFlags diagram  
TModelRowFlag diagram  
TModelRowFlags diagram  
TPointStyle diagram  
TRangePolicy diagram  
TValueTranslateEvent diagram  

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