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Name Unit Description
float bbutils


PUnicodeChar bbutils


RawByteString bbutils


SizeInt bbutils


TBinarySearchAcceptedCondition bbutils


TBinarySearchAcceptedConditions bbutils


TBinarySearchChoosen bbutils


TBinarySearchFunction bbutils

Should return 0 if the searched element is equal to a, -1 if the searched element is smaller than a, and +1 if the searched element is larger than a. (that is the opposite of what you might expect, but it is logical: the data parameter has to come first to match a method signature. The data parameter is compared to a parameter (to match a standalone comparison function signature))

TCharSet bbutils


TDateTimeParsingFlag bbutils


TDateTimeParsingFlags bbutils


TDateTimeParsingResult bbutils


TDecodeHTMLEntitiesFlags bbutils


TFileSaveSafe bbutils


TFloatArray bbutils


TInt64Array bbutils


TLongintArray bbutils


TLongwordArray bbutils


TPointerCompareFunction bbutils

Compare function to compare the two values to which a and b, ideally returning -1 for aˆ<bˆ, 0 for aˆ=bˆ, +1 for aˆ>bˆ The data is an TObject to prevent confusing it with a and b. It is the first parameter, so the function use the same call convention like a method

TProcedureOfObject bbutils


TSpecialCallBack pastemplate


TStreamLikeWrite bbutils


TStringArray bbutils


TSystemCodePage bbutils


TTime bbutils


TValueSign bbutils


UnicodeString bbutils


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